Rainbow OPTX

Spiritually-inspired color lenses set out to find themselves.

Rainbow Optx Hero

The Brief

Rainbow OPTX was ready to dial up their brand to accomplish what they had always set out to do: own the niche but lucrative color lens market.

The Insight

As much as these shades had functional benefits (blue-blocking, mood-enhancing), they were, well — fun. People notice them, comment on them, seem to shower unwarranted affection on those who wear them. With the glam factor at the forefront of appeal, the branding opportunity was clear: loud, fun, enigmatic.

The Outcome

Social-forward, vibrant branding that isn’t pure bubblegum: darker colors and an unapologetic tone embrace the delirium of our times, while celebrating the youthful abandon we all long for and — if even just for a weekend — still have.

Created in collaboration with Moonshot Creative and Planet Palm Creative.